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Bayer agrees to settlement on 70 Yaz side effects lawsuits

Filed March 6th, 2012 Joshua Sophy

Bayer has agreed to settlement terms with 70 women claiming its oral contraceptive Yaz caused serious, life-threatening, and sometimes fatal side effects.

According to an report, terms of the settlement have not been disclosed and the pharmaceutical giant still faces more than 11,000 lawsuits making similar allegations against its top-selling birth control pill.

Thousands of women across the country believe they’ve suffered serious and life-threatening blood clots after beginning to take Yaz. They claim they’ve never been warned of a risk of these side effects. In fact, many women were prompted to take the drug after hearing rave reviews of the convenience of the drug and some of its purported benefits.

For many in the U.S. and around the world, they realized Yaz was no more effective and safe than traditional birth control pills.

Bayer, despite maintaining Yaz is safe and effective, is being pushed into settlements on many of the lawsuits it faces across the U.S., especially after the Food and Drug Administration ruled last year that drugs containing drosperinone (such as Yaz) increase the risk of blood clots by 75 percent. Earlier this year, a federal judge overseeing the consolidated federal lawsuit containing thousands of Yaz lawsuits ordered both sides to the mediation table to discuss potential settlements.

In some women, these blood clots can be fatal. In fact, a recent European study found that Yaz could be responsible for more than 200 deaths worldwide. The drug has also been linked to other serious side effects such as stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, and sudden death.

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