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Florida supplement maker receives FDA warning

Filed March 12th, 2012 Joshua Sophy

The maker of two dietary supplements which promise to promote weight loss or help men with sexual dysfunction has been warned by the Food and Drug Administration that it can no longer market these products as they’re currently sold.

According to a report from The (Orlando, Fla.) Sun Sentinel newspaper, Globe All Wellness LLC received an FDA warning letter last week indicating the company had 15 days to remove its supplements SlimXtreme and ViaXtreme because they contained undeclared pharmaceutical drugs.

SlimXtreme, which is designed to help a person lose weight, allegedly contains the banned drug sibutramine hydrochloride, a prescription weight loss pill banned several years ago by the FDA because it was linked to fatal heart attacks and other life-threatening side effects. Labels of SlimXtreme indicate the product is an all-natural “proprietary blend” of ingredients.

The same is said of ViaXtreme, which is marketed as a means of men overcoming sexual dysfunction like decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. The FDA said it has conducted tests on ViaXtreme and found traces of the prescription drug sildenafil, which is the Active Ingredient in the popular ED drug Viagra.

These are just the latest supplements to be targeted by the FDA for containing at least traces of prescription drugs. Consumers unknowingly ingesting these prescription drugs could be putting themselves at great risk of harm if they suffer from any of the side effects posed by these drugs or they interact with any other drug a person may be taking.

The FDA gave Globe All Wellness 15 days to remove these products from the market and to stop using these ingredients in the formula for the supplements. The company is blaming “counterfeit” versions of its supplements for the positive tests on the presence of the drugs.

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