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Florida woman claims Mirena® IUD caused serious injuries

Filed December 4th, 2012 Joshua Sophy

A Florida woman claims she suffered serious personal injuries after she was implanted with the Mirena® IUD contraception device.

Mirena® IUD is an implanted contraceptive that’s surgically placed in the uterus and can stay there for several years before it has to be removed. For a growing number of women implanted with the devices, serious injuries and other complications have arisen, sometimes requiring emergency medical care and the need for multiple visits to the physician for corrective treatments.

In the latest lawsuit to be filed against the makers of Mirena® IUD, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, a Florida woman claims she was implanted with the contraceptive device in 2008. By July 2010, the woman began experiencing regular pelvic pain. After undergoing extensive corrective medical treatments, the woman sought the legal help of the national law firm Parker Waichman LLP, which will represent her against Bayer. The firm filed the lawsuit in early November in Superior Court of New Jersey in Morris County, naming Bayer as the sole Defendant. The lawsuit claims that Mirena® IUD is defective and that the Defendants are knowingly hiding information that shows the risks it poses to women who choose this as a form of contraception.

According to the complaint filed on behalf of the Florida woman, “The strings attached to the device were unable to be located, and the IUD itself could not be found though an ultrasound. The Plaintiff underwent a laparoscopic surgery in December 2010 in order to remove the IUD.”

The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages and medical costs for the Florida woman, in addition to those for pain, suffering, and permanent physical injuries that have resulted from this defective device.

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