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Research Confirms Propecia Sexual Side Effects Can be Long-Lasting

Filed September 28th, 2012 Laurie

Men can be very sensitive about losing their hair, but turning to the drug Propecia for help may cause bigger problems than it is worth.

Propecia is manufactured by U.S. pharmaceutical company Merck. It interferes with male hormones, including testosterone derivatives. An increasingly large number of men have reported the drug causes impotence, erectile dysfunction, lower sex drive, infertility, testicular pain and genital shrinkage. In some men, these side effects are permanent.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in July found that in 71 health men between the ages of 21 and 46 who suffered from sexual side effects lasting at least three months even after they stopped taking the medication:

• 94 per cent developed low libido
• 92 per cent developed erectile dysfunction
• 92 per cent developed decreased arousal
• 69 per cent developed problems with orgasm

A second study published on August 7 in the Journal of Psychiatry found 44 percent of 61 young, healthy Propecia patients reported suicidal thoughts, while 36 percent had severe depression.

The most common side effects plaguing patients are:

1. Trouble getting or keeping an erection (impotence).
2. Decrease in sex drive that sometimes continues after stopping the medication.
3. Male infertility and/or poor quality of semen.
4. Breast tenderness and enlargement.
5. Changes in breasts, such as lumps, pain or nipple discharge.
6. Problems with ejaculation that continue after stopping medication.
7. Testicular pain.
8. Allergic rash, itching, hives and swelling of the lips.

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