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Risperdal Settlement Finalized

Filed August 31st, 2012 Laurie

Johnson & Johnson’s and its Janssen subsidiary’s $181 million settlement with 36 states and the District of Columbia over the marketing of Risperdal was a coordinated effort, as state attorney generals filed their own complaints in state courts and then issued individual statements.

J&J had been accused of engaging in deceptive marketing for off-label uses of Risperdal.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement that the settlement holds the companies accountable for practices that put patients in danger, and serves as a warning to other pharmaceutical giants that they must play by one set of rules. It goes further by ensuring that the corporations stop rewarding doctors for prescribing certain drugs or presenting scientifically-suspect studies as sound.”

The settlement prohibits Janssen from:

  • Making false, misleading or deceptive claims regarding Risperdal or Invega;
  • Promoting Risperdal or Invega for off-label uses;
  • Promoting Risperdal or Invega by highlighting use for selected symptoms instead of diagnoses;
  • Misusing continuing medical education (“ CME”) programs to market Risperdal or Invega;
  • Awarding grants to Health Care Professionals (“ HCPs”) based on their prescribing habits;
  • Presenting information and conclusions from a study that is not scientifically sound, or presenting information and conclusions in a manner that is not supported by the underlying study;
  • Disseminating reprints containing off-label usage information.
  • The settlement also requires Janssen to:

    • Report clinical research results regarding Risperdal or Invega in an accurate, objective and balanced manner;
    • Disclose on its website a searchable listing of all HCPs and related entities who or which received any payments directly or indirectly from Janssen;
    • Provide clear and conspicuous disclosure of the risks associated with the use of Risperdal or Invega in all of its promotional materials;
    • Provide accurate, objective and scientifically balanced responses to requests for off-label usage information by doctors.
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